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Christina Adamczak

Health Office Assistant 802 752-2685
Lindsey Campion

Nurse 802 752-2686

SATEC Health Office Forms

Annual Health Form 2015-16
Annual Health Form 2015-16
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Asthma Action Plan
Asthma Action Plan
asthma action plan.pdf
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Fare Allergy Action Plan
Fare Allergy Action Plan
fare allergy action plan.pdf
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Prescription Medication Order And Permission Form
Prescription Medication Order And Permission Form
Prescription medication order and permission form.pdf
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General Health Reminders


Health Services Available

  • Administer Over-the-Counter Medication (with parental permission, for headaches, minor aches and pains)
  • First Aid
  • Emergency Care
  • Administration of Prescription Medication
  • Evaluation of Vision, Hearing, Blood Pressure, Height and Weight
  • Health Resources/ Referral
  • Assessment of Illness
  • Health Screening

Current Interest


What to do when my child is ill?

Parents will be notified if a child becomes ill at school. If no contact can be made, the nurse and school personnel will decide on a course of action. Students

who are to be sent home when they are ill need to be seen by the

nurse and dismissed from the Health Office.


Please keep your child home from school if they exhibit any of the following:

  1. Temperature over 100 degrees F
  2. Uncontrolled cough or difficulty breathing
  3. Vomiting twice within 24 hours; persistent diarrhea
  4. Severe headache, especially with fever
  5. Red eyes with dark or “crusty” discharge; discolored nasal discharge
  6. Severe ear pain
  7. The presence of a skin rash, especially if accompanied with fever
  8. Any reason they cannot pay attention because of psychological or physical issues.
Hallu Motion
Hallux is no longer a problem!


Medication at School

All medication (prescription and Over the Counter), excluding emergency medication, must be kept in the Health Office.  Medication must be in a pharmacy or medical provider labeled bottle and must be hand delivered by parents/guardians to the Health Office between 8AM and 3:30PM.   Medication will be administered by the school nurse or designated school personnel.  The Prescription Medication Form must be completed if your child will be receiving medication at school.  Vermont Law allows students with life threatening allergies or asthma to carry and self administer emergency medication at school and during other school events.  Students with anaphylactic allergies and/or asthma must fill out an Allergy Action form and/or Asthma Action form.  All forms are located in the Health Office or can be downloaded on the SATEC website under Health Office.  Children may bring their own OTC medication and it will to be kept in the Health Office.  These OTC medications must be brought in with written permission and in their original container.


Cold and Flu Season:

As we head into cold and flu season in Vermont we thought it would be a good time to share some health reminders to keep our school healthy. Below are a few health tips from the Vermont Department of Health.

  • Cover your cough or sneeze with your sleeve or a tissue.

  • Wash your hands often and well using soap and water or hand sanitizer.

  • Keep yourself healthy with rest, exercise, and eating healthy foods.

  • Stay home if you get sick and avoid close contact with sick people.

Head lice:

Many schools have periods of head lice each year.  SATEC is very fortunate that at any one time less than 1% of our student population has head lice.  Head lice are a common problem for children, and less often for adults. Children may get head lice because of the close physical contact they have with playmates in school and daycare centers. Head lice are not caused by poor hygiene.  While, head lice can be a nuisance, they have not been shown to spread disease. Below are a few things you can teach children to do to reduce the risk of getting head lice.

·         Encourage children to not share combs, brushes, hair ornaments, or hats.

·         Limit the transport of personal toys such as stuffed animals from home to school.

·         Ask children to keep their hats inside their coat sleeves.

For more information about head lice or cold and flu tips, please consider visiting the following reliable sites.

Vermont Department of Health (VDH):

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC):

American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP):

Hand, Foot and Mouth Disease Information

Please call the SATEC Health Office if you have any questions or to report a diagnosis in your family. For further information you can use this link to access a fact sheet from the VT Department of Health.


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